Rebecca grew up immersed in the arts: dance, music, voice and visual arts have always been a part of her life. As a sensitive kid who struggled to communicate her thoughts and feelings artistic expression gave her a voice.  


Rebecca has been a Health & Wellness Professional in Toronto for 10 years. She was a Lolë Women’s Ambassador 2016-2017 & is a current Lululemon Ambassador. She built her teaching base focusing on Pilates, Hatha/Yin/Restorative Yoga & Gendai Reiki. Rebecca loves to create experiences that deliver an eclectic mix of art and learning. 


Rebecca also volunteers at Centennial Infant and Child Services working with young children with special needs, co-guides YGTG (You've Got This, Girl!) Toronto Women's Circles & is involved with The Yoga Project and their mindfulness programming in elementary and high schools in Toronto and the GTA. In recent years, Rebecca has felt an undeniable pull toward empowering youth. The Inside Out Creative came to life in response to this.


Natalie started dancing at the age of 6. The dance studio quickly became her second home. This was a place where she could let out all her childhood problems - through expression.


The passion evolved into a life path and also opened the door for an acting career. Some of her performances include roles in Molly’s Game, Wynonna Earp, The Next Step, Suits, We Had It Coming, Workin’ Moms, Ransom, The Listener, Below Her Mouth and SuperGrid. Her on-stage credits also include 42nd St, Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage and Crimes of the Heart.


Natalie has performed all over the world. She is an actor with a strong connection to the spiritual. Reiki, meditation and yoga have become a steadfast part of not only who she is but also her craft. This journey to find healing and wholeness through art brought her to the birth of this project. A holistic approach to guiding children artistically; The Inside Out Creative.

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At The Inside Out Creative, we strive to drive conversations about art for self fulfilment as well as a career path. 


Artists have the power to influence the world with their art.

We feel nurturing our youth’s creativity in a healthy way, can lead to their success in all areas of their lives.

We shape artists of tomorrow but more importantly we’re shaping the adults of tomorrow.

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